Bad Influence – Director Sergio Allard


After directing his last Feature Film in New York, Director Sergio Allard remained good friends with actor and professional singer Baby Yors. The two would collaborate later in the Short film Chic and Chambray, shot in Los Angeles.

For his new song “Bad Influence”, Baby Yors invited Allard to help him direct the new music video, going back to the big apple and making a bold move on style with a strong message on genders in times were sexuality no longer respect the boundaries of man vs woman.

Allard and Baby Yors opted for a black and white 16mm style to highlight this contrast. To achieve this visual ambition, long collaborator with Allard, cinematographer Ignacio Walker, joined the project, experimenting with custom made filters, and ultimately filming the film with a RED 8K camera, that would capture every detail of the optics and filters that were suppose to degrade the image as much as possible.

Allard’s approach was to bring the best of the style from Baby Yors into the film while keeping a grounded story to be told in this viceral and highly aesthetic music video.

Taking advantage of the trip, the team took the tome to do a Lyric video for the artists song “New York”.