Quito my Story Festival Circuit Awards


To this date, the viral campaign for the city of Quito, Ecuador’s capital, “Quito My Story”, has been nominated in fourteen different festivals internationally, winning awards in ten of them, including The Golden City Gate Tourism Media Award Festival in Berlin, New York Festivals and  Cannes Corporate.

The film, originally commissioned by the Tourism office of Quito, was meant to target an international audience of all ages. Veronica Sevilla, in charge of the new image of Quito Internationally, went through the best tourism films and videos in the world until running into Chile’s Wine campaign “Have a Taste of Chile” made by the team of Chronos Cinema. She wanted the campaign to aim for the guts of the travelers around the world, pushing the envelope and connecting every single person to the heart and soul of Quito, while showing the main highlights of the city.

The project was lead by director and cinematographer Ignacio Walker, along with directors Denis Arqueros and Sergio Allard. With about 10 years of experience in the tourism industry, and being avid travelers themselves, the team decided to make a statement on what traveling means, and show why Quito would resonate with that idea. With a fast pace and a cheerful vibe, Quito My Story went viral within a few hours, touching the hearts of people around the world, but also with a strong impact on the local residents of Quito, making the film a true reflexion of what Quito is, not just a branded video for tourists to watch.

The team has being really grateful with the positive reception on the International Tourism Films Festivals lead by CIFFT. The people from Quito Tourism Office went in Berlin to receive the award, and Denis Arqueros attended Terres Catalunya were “Quito My Story” won in the “Tourism Destination City” category. Some of the representatives of Chronos Cinema will also be present in Cannes, in Czech Republic’s Tourfilm and in Portugal’s ART&TUR were director Ignacio Walker will be giving a small conference on the making of this film on October 25th 2018.

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The Golden City Gate: Second Star Award 2018

Denis Arqueros receives the Award at Terres Catalunya.

Director Ignacio Walker receives the Award at Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards 2018.

Best film for Tourism Destination and Grand Prix award to best film of the festival.

Silver World Award at the New York Festivals 2019