Sergio Allard is Nominated for Best Music Video


Director Sergio Allard has been nominated for his music video for Latin singer Stephanie Zelaya “Hasta que Amanezca”.

Zelaya, who appeared on the TV show “The Four”, has worked with Allard on three music videos, all shot in Los Angeles.

Production was in charge of Chronos Cinema, Los Angeles. “Stephanie contacted us 6 months after we had done her music video for ‘’Bastaba una Mirada’’. It had been a small shoot only involving myself and our DP Ignacio Walker. The dynamics were great and between what Stephanie had in her mind and our ideas we did what I think is a great music video. Stephanie is amazingly talented and it has been a privilege for me to work with her. The logic thing was to work together again when she had her new single ‘’Hasta Que Amanezca’’. The idea behind the song was to represent the passion and fire of a what a one night stand looks like without being excessively graphic and lustful. We came up with the idea of having a dancer chase Stephanie and find her in the middle of a dance floor and later have her escape him forever. ” – says director Sergio Allard.

“The streets of downtown Los Angeles were the perfect setting of the “after party” feeling I was looking for” – he continues – “and we used an Hungarian entertainment center were we worked previously for a commercial and it presented the perfect scenery to accommodate up to 200 people. That combined with a diverse and talented group of dancers, we made the entire performance and acted portion of the video a great success.”

The final result is a very colorful, playful and sexy music video. The second of three Chronos Cinema have produced for Stephanie in two years.  “It’s a musical short film of a one night stand, the dialogue is the lyrics and dance movements, and the action is the race through Los Angeles. We’re happy to keep making visually striking music videos worldwide and hope that Stephanie will work with us again on future songs.” Allard finishes.