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More than 10 years filming Tourism related content, we started out by filming the best Hotels in South America. Soon after, joining producer and host Eugenio Cox for two seasons of the Internationally broadcasted and acclaim TV Travel Show, Mundo Ad Portas. A journey that took the audience deep in the heart of South East Asia and the Middle East in its two seasons. Besides that, our directors have filmed for Tourism in Chile, Ecuador and Canada.


Quito my Story

Mashpi Lodge 2

Campaign “Have a Taste of Chile”: Stars & Wine

Have a Taste of Chile: Wine

Have a Taste of Chile: Culture & Wine

Have a Taste of Chile: Food & Wine

Mundo Ad Portas: Middle East

Mundo Ad Portas: South East Asia

Mashpi Lodge

A Timeless Memory: Jeep Quasar

FARO Travel

EXO Travel

Finch Bay Eco Hotel

Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise