They will burn, new music video


Latin Grammy nominee, singer Benjamín Walker, released his new music video just ahead of the International Viña Music Festival, were he will be representing Chile in the Folk competition.

Having done a few music videos with Chronos Cinema’s directors Sergio Allard and Ignacio Walker, Benjamín approach us again to do what he wanted to be a “sober and elegant” music video, so people could focused on the music.

Y Arderán – Benjamín Walker

The song genre is what is called a “Samba Argentina”, played mainly with an accoustic guitar, and it was originally developed in Patagonia, so the location for the music video was pretty much set from the beginning. Our crew went to the Lake General Carrera in the chilean Patagonia. After a few days scouting the best place to shoot, we decided to film by the lake to get the most of the red colors of the Patagonian sunsets reflected on the water.

The whole shoot end up lasting half an hour to keep the red sky constant, but a lot of rehearsal was done before so we wouldn’t lose any second of this precious light.